Insanity 60 Day Challenge — Check

After 63 days of non-stop working out. The hardworking finally paid off. The main purpose for me doing this challenge wasn’t for lose weight or anything in that matter. More so, I was trying to gain weight, In the past year, I have gain about 15 lbs just by working out. I’m still 10-15 lbs behind from my weight goal. But I’m happy with what I’m right now. The more important thing for me was mentally challenge myself to accomplish something that I couldn’t do before.

This is my second time tried this challenge, Go back to 2015 I started it and then stopped/gave up around half way when I caught a really bad cold. Glad I’m able to keep myself in healthy condition and push it all the way to the end this time.

There is one quote I just read on another day it says something like “what you are about to give up on the half way, is exactly what you are so excited to get when you at the beginning

Here are some comparison photo I put together:

Work Out Sheet:

Misfit fitness device stats:

For anybody is also interested with this challenge, please go check it out here: